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What We have?
*Really Huge & Unique Map!
*Casino System (al'a CS:GO!)
*26 Balanced Professions.
*Anty ReAttack (with auto banishment)!
*CAST SYSTEM (Watching stream in game!)
*Many maps, quests, tasks and missions
*Unique Quest System
*Advanced Achivement System! (ex. Senzu Eater - 20000 senzu's => +5% more regeneration)
*New currency
*Many items, monsters & hunting spots
*Many new techniques
*Unique Saga System
*Reflect System
*Beautiful graphics
*Unique Reborn System
*Unique Dragon Ball Systems (Shenron, Red Shenron, Porunga)
*Unique Characters and Monsters balance - exquisitely fair gaming experience for everyone
*Many Transformations (PQ, FPQ, SPQ, FSPQ, LPQ, FLPQ, VPQ, FVPQ)
*InGame Sounds (CipSoft Client) | ex. senzu eating, money changing!!!
*War System like a RL Tibia with unique "shields"!
*Movement with WSAD!
*AutoLoot (Stand on corpse and press SPACE!)

*LEAGUE OF SAIYANS! (Win a brand new PlayStation4(1TB) in Dragon Ball Style + DBXenoverse Game + TShirt):
From day of server start, for every action(earned achievment, done quest, participation in event, done saga, bought item in sms-shop, done task etc.)
until end of league(60 days) every player can recevie league points(more information about leagues will be able soon on server site).
- rewards wont be another pixels but real prizes.


Why Us?
There are a few things that make us, us. We are people just like you. Outside of our work place, we look for times of fun and joy, to keep away
for some time from the busy life that we were made to live. What we're doing here, is creating a place where this joy and fun can be found and
basing on our childhood interests, we decided to build DBSU - after all, our youth was always the period of our lives in which we were the happiest.
The truly amazing thing is though, that you can become a part of this building process. You can become one of us.

If you're still not convinced, then check out the different aspects of DBSU:
  • Even though the server is hosted in Poland, we are a team that aims at anyone who has ever been interested in Dragon Ball.
    So, if you are not a Polish player and went with the thought of thinking that we discriminate anyone in any way because of their
    heritage, then do not worry - we are an open, anti-racist community that invites all the Dragon Ball fans around the world to join it.
    Besides, the items from our shop can be bought from anywhere by either a text message, or through paypal. This was done, so that
    everyone has an equal chance to experience the tiny bonuses that we introduced to the server in order of keeping it online and healthy.

  • Our team is extremely experienced and spent years developing its OTserv making skills. Our main programmer, thanks to the projects that
    he has been involved in, is well known on the Polish forums and in the OT society. Because of such professionality and knowledge, we are able
    to bring anything that our heads can imagine into the game. I'm not kidding... anything. All we need are ideas, which are often provided by the
    players. If you want to suggest something, then feel free to do so; we are open to new concepts and always look out to bring new ones into life!

  • DBSU provides the best experience you could ever have with an Open Tibia Server. Systems such as rebirth, dragon ball collecting, transformations
    and different aura colours will make your experience extraordinary and because we've created new monsters, spells and quests, an adventure that anyone
    can step with their feet on has been made. An example of a pretty cool feature of DBSU is character development. As you level up, it will allow you to
    transform the looks and abilities of your little guy into some completely new ones!

  • Trust me, we have ears and we do listen. Constant updates will surely improve your experience - we do them at least once a month and always try to
    change the things that the players complained about. Therefore, if you find a bug, or simply want to report something that you don't enjoy, then remember
    that we will hear you out and consider what to do about it.
*Accmaker: dbsu.eu
*Forum: forum.dbsu.eu
*Exp: Custom(exp stages)
*Pvp-e: x2
*Max Reborn: 1400lvl
*TeamSpeak3: ts3.dbsu.eu

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